1. Self Isolation
    Kovacs The Hun

  2. Manu Propria
    Dday One

  3. Sketches(2)
    Kovacs The Hun

  4. Artifact EP
    Dday One

  5. Mirror World
    Kovacs The Hun

  6. Escape Theme
    Von Neumann Effect

  7. Future Black Gurl
    Marques Lafelt

  8. Jazz Echo

  9. Notes From The Underground
    Gone Beyond & Mumbles

  10. Madman EP
    Cut Chemist

  11. Journal | Extended
    Dday One

  12. VA - The Content L​abel Sampler 5
    Various Artists

  13. Parallel Presence
    Dday One | Lex (de Kalhex)

  14. Mr. Vampire & The Deadly Walkers
    Glen Porter

  15. Peering Into The Darkness

  16. Camera

  17. VA - The Content (L)abel Sampler 4
    Various Artists

  18. Dday One - Gathered Between
    Dday One

  19. Signal Path
    Various Artists

  20. Dextah - Relentless Disillusion Redux

  21. A Hall of Mirrors
    2econd Class Citizen

  22. Screenplay
    Von Neumann Effect

  23. Dday One - Dialogue with Life
    Dday One

  24. The Open Road and The Smell of Blood
    Glen Porter

  25. VA - The Content (L​)​abel Sampler 3
    Various Artists

  26. The Devil Is A Dancer, The Piper Is A Madman
    Glen Porter

  27. A Duet for Space and Time
    Gone Beyond | Mumbles

  28. Dday One - Mood Algorithms
    Dday One

  29. Dday One - Loop Extensions Deluxe
    Dday One

  30. VA - The Content (L​)​abel Sampler 2
    Various Artists (Mixed by Dday One)

  31. The Day The Sky...
    Son Of A Bricklayer

  32. Wavelengths
    Dday One | Glen Porter

  33. Dday One - Journal EP
    Dday One

  34. Grazing | Remixes
    King Knut

  35. Taking Me Places | Face To Face
    Olde Soul | Double K

  36. The Softer Diagram

  37. Dday One - Heavy Migration
    Dday One

  38. VA - The Content (L​)​abel Sampler 1
    Various Artists

  39. Sense of Balance | Untitled #541
    Dday One | Dextah

  40. Dday One - Loop Extensions
    Dday One

  41. REVISIT OST (Whisky A Go Go)
    Kompact | Dday One

  42. The Content Label Podcast / Mixes


The Content Label Los Angeles, California

The Content Label is a Los Angeles project-based record label and collective . As the logo illustrates, over the years various elements have combined to produce works that have contributed to the lineage of sample-based music with an emphasis in Electronic & Hip-Hop production.

Our mantra is "Quality Over Quantity" and the mediums used are Physical + Digital formats.
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