1. Mirror World
    Kovacs The Hun

  2. Escape Theme
    Von Neumann Effect

  3. Future Black Gurl
    Marques Lafelt

  4. Jazz Echo

  5. Notes From The Underground
    Gone Beyond & Mumbles

  6. Madman EP
    Cut Chemist

  7. Journal | Extended
    Dday One

  8. Artifact EP
    Dday One

  9. VA - The Content L​abel Sampler 5
    Various Artists

  10. Parallel Presence
    Dday One | Lex (de Kalhex)

  11. Mr. Vampire & The Deadly Walkers
    Glen Porter

  12. Peering Into The Darkness

  13. Camera

  14. VA - The Content (L)abel Sampler 4
    Various Artists

  15. Dday One - Gathered Between
    Dday One

  16. Signal Path
    Various Artists

  17. Dextah - Relentless Disillusion Redux

  18. A Hall of Mirrors
    2econd Class Citizen

  19. Screenplay
    Von Neumann Effect

  20. Dday One - Dialogue with Life
    Dday One

  21. The Open Road and The Smell of Blood
    Glen Porter

  22. VA - The Content (L​)​abel Sampler 3
    Various Artists

  23. The Devil Is A Dancer, The Piper Is A Madman
    Glen Porter

  24. A Duet for Space and Time
    Gone Beyond | Mumbles

  25. Dday One - Mood Algorithms
    Dday One

  26. Dday One - Loop Extensions Deluxe
    Dday One

  27. VA - The Content (L​)​abel Sampler 2
    Various Artists (Mixed by Dday One)

  28. The Day The Sky...
    Son Of A Bricklayer

  29. Wavelengths
    Dday One | Glen Porter

  30. Dday One - Journal EP
    Dday One

  31. Grazing | Remixes
    King Knut

  32. Taking Me Places | Face To Face
    Olde Soul | Double K

  33. The Softer Diagram

  34. Dday One - Heavy Migration
    Dday One

  35. VA - The Content (L​)​abel Sampler 1
    Various Artists

  36. Sense of Balance | Untitled #541
    Dday One | Dextah

  37. Dday One - Loop Extensions
    Dday One

  38. REVISIT OST (Whisky A Go Go)
    Kompact | Dday One

  39. The Content (L)abel Podcast


The Content Label Los Angeles, California

The Content Label is a Los Angeles project-based record label and collective . As the logo illustrates, over the years various elements have combined to produce works that have contributed to the lineage of sample-based music with an emphasis in Electronic & Hip-Hop production.

Our mantra is "Quality Over Quantity" and the mediums used are Physical + Digital formats.
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